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Here’s the pedigree: 

I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I am a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and a Certified Weight Coach from The Life Coach School. 

I have been working with clients individually and in groups for the past 20 years.  For much of that time I was doing therapy with children, adults, and families. But for the last 8 years my focus has been on coaching adults. I still do therapy, but the bulk of my practice is my life coaching and weight coaching clients.

Technically, I keep these roles separate. There is different paperwork, different goals, and a different cost structure when doing therapy than when doing coaching.

I cannot, however, compartmentalize all of my learning into one camp or the other. That means I bring a lot of ‘coachiness’ (clear goals, action steps) to therapy and I bring my therapist history into my coaching sessions (awareness of trauma and complicated emotional symptoms). The result of which may be that I will refer you to one of several great therapists I know if I believe the symptoms of a psychological diagnosis are interfering with your ability to progress in coaching.

Personally, training in both therapy and coaching have challenged me to develop lots of ways to distract myself from the difficult tasks at hand. Sigh. Not kidding.  And eating was always one of my favorite distractions. One moment I'd be staring at a blank computer screen and the next, I would be standing in the kitchen eating straight out of a bag of potato chips. My brain would insist I was hungry. My mouth and stomach were like,"uh, yeah, sure, whatever." I would feel better - comforted and relieved - for a second. But then I would feel so much worse. I was overly full, kind of disgusted and...tired. (Napping was another of my favorite distractions.)

Any of this sound familiar to you? 

Eventually I got tired of the daily disappointment in myself on two levels - that I was avoiding things in my life and that I was overeating. I decided to take away my food crutch and to deal with my fears. 

I'd love to share my professional and personal lessons with you if it sounds like you could benefit from them. Contact me to schedule a consultation to learn more.